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   Well that was interesting. We had a #3 a #1 and a #4 seed win it My predications really didn't really pan out this season. Its really tough to handicap when team players are stable but with all the "ringers" that come into the picture it makes predicting results even tougher.
  I have been told by some teams that they do not particularly care for my picks. I have always made the picks just for fun. I think it make the playoffs just a little bit more interesting. I have even been told that once I pick a team to win its a kiss of death for them. Not sure if thats true but it just goes to show that some people really due pay attention to my picks. So should I continue to share my picks?


"A true champion can adapt to anything."

"Floyd Mayweather, Jr."

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Players available

Jonathan Martin
323 313-6230
pitcher, outfield
aab, aa, ab

Ryan Hebert
323 787-7716
pitcher, outfield
aaa, aab, aa, ab

Moises Hernandez
626 234-4851
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

James Arevalo
626 260-6816
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

Gonzalo Magana
323 240-9276
infielder, outfield
ab, a

Jair Yanez
infielder, outfielder, and catcher

Robb Rowe
(858) 245-6200

Josh Luna
infielder, outfield
aab, aa, ab, a

Antonio Bedolla
626 347 2144
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

Bryan Hoyos
(626) 298-0087
OF, 2B

Players that find new teams or are no longer interested in playing in our league, please email me to remove you from our list.

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TOP Bracket playoffs


The Dorados take home the first ever Fontana/Heredia League Championship. They did it by going into game 2 thinking sweep. The White Sox came out with a bang. The White Sox took advantage of some early Dorado mistakes and lead early 5-1. They added to their lead in the middle innings. Tensions flared when a White Sox batter was hit by a pitch. This appeared to have lit a fire under the Dorados. In the bottom of the 7th, still trailing 8-1 and still looking for their 1st hit, the Dorados opened the inning with 7 straight hits. Eventually the Dorados scored 10 runs in the bottom of the 7th to take a 11-8 lead. The Dorados held on to the lead and took home the 1st ever interleague Championship. This makes this the Dorados the 1st ever 4 straight Champions.

My Predictions

How did I do?

In the TOP bracket, I really didn't make a predication cause I figured our league would come out on top no matter which team made it.
UPDATE: I guess technically I was right. I figured the Heredia League would win.

In the Middle bracket, I had a Team USA/BP Mariner final. I didn't get either team. In my defense, Team USA dropping out really messed up the division. I also didn't see the Phillies defeating the BP Mariners.
UPDATE: The Phillies really surprised everyone and took down the #1 seeded Huertas. I didn't see that coming.

In the Bottom bracket, I had the Dodgers right which wasn't that difficult. The biggest problem with making picks is that you never know when a team like the Sea Dogs are gonna make an unexpected run and take down the #2 and #3 seeds. I had the LA Dukes in the finals but they got beat up by the Sea Dogs 14-1.
UPDATE: I think I got this one right. I had the Dodgers from the very begining.

In the Lowest bracket, I had the Toros defeating the favorite Plebada and I did get that one right. In the other side I had Tarasco taking out San Lorenzo but San Lorenzo didn't get the message. They defeated Tarasco 12-4 to get to the finals. UPDATE: I had San Lorenzo in this one so I guess I was wrong again. !!!

New Season

Fall 2014 Season

Teams interested in joining us for the next season, please let Eddie know about scheduling practice games. We are having a meeting this Wednesday. I have not been told officially if we are starting this weekend but I would strongly suggest teams get their money ready I really don't know what to expect this season with all the field issues we are having.

Extra Hitter Rule


For our upcoming season should we add the extra hitter rule just like the Fontana League uses?

News and Events

July 21, 2014

Next League meeting

July 23, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


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