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What the heck .....

   The only game in town this weekend was the Dorados/IE Tiger championship series here in Baldwin Park. The Dorados took another championship and now Fontana has come up short the last 2 seasons.
 The TOP bracket championships are always interesting because it seems to always come down to who can bring in the best players. I know in the past many teams used to get mad at the Bulls because they seemed to have access to some great beer league players. I think we can honestly say now that the Dorados are the best team in the area. We have to start thinking if this Dorado team is the best ever.
  In the past we've seen some great Bull and Eater teams but could they have defeated this Dorado team?
Again Congrats to Dorados for bringing home the big trophy back to the Heredia League.


"The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided."

"Casey Stengel"

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League rankings


Wood Divisions

1. Dodgers .861
2. Oakland Athletics .855
3. Diamond Dawgs .757
4. Dorados .741
5. Phantoms .713

Aluminum Divisions

1. Modelos .881
2. LP Crooks .817
3. Costenos .794
4. Sea Dogs .698
5. Blue Crew .690

I did the final rankings so I could compare to the eventual champions. Now mind that the rankings here have NO influence from the playoffs. These stats are using only regular season stats. First thing I notice is the Dodgers are the top ranked team and yes they won it all. They faced Arroyo Seco who was ranked 8 out of 18 teams.
In the Aluminum divisions we have the Modelos as the top ranked team and yes they won it all. They faced the Calif Reds who were ranked 9 out of 21 teams.

The #3 ranked team was the Costenos and they took the lowest bracket. They faced the #16 out of 21 teams.

Kind of funny how that worked out.

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TOP Division

TOP Bracket Championships

In game 1 of the TOP bracket championship, the Dorados defeated the Fontana's IE Tigers 7-0. In a very windy day, the Dorados were able to take a 1-0 game lead in the best of 3 series. The series now moves back to Baldwin Park. The Dorados have two chances to bring home another championship next Sunday.

In game 2 the Dorados swept the series with Fontana League. They defeated the Tigers 10-2 to take their 5th title. Yes I said 5th title. Starter Frankie Cervantes pitched 5 solid innings. Relievers Jose Munoz and Roberto Torres held the Tigers the rest of the way. The offense was lead by Lupe CastaƱon and Ramiro Perez who each homered to lead the Dorados to the 10-2 victory.

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving tournament

UPDATE:   We finally were able to nail down some costs for our 2nd annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl. The fees ended up a little bit higher than what I wanted but everyone from the fields, T-shirts, and trophy costs were higher than last year. So the fees will be $150 for two games. We will play a game on Saturday and another on Sunday. Winners from Saturday will face each other on Sunday. Saturday's teams that lost will also face each other on Sunday.
  Winners will get at least 15 t-shirts and a trophy. Runner up team will also get 15 T-shirts. I have about 6 teams so far. As teams pay, I will be posting the schedules. If anyone has questions, please call me.

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November 24, 2014

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December 3, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

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