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What the heck .....

   Was that a hot weekend or what. I had a game Saturday and I was sweating so much I though I had peed in my pants. I think that is the hottest weather I have ever played in.
 Its that time of the year when teams have to come up with the 2nd half of the season. I wonder how many will show up Wednesday to pay. Will Eddie eliminate teams? I guess we will find out. Don't be surprise if Eddie does NOT hand out game 8 schedules until Friday.


"Most ball games are lost, not won."

"Casey Stengel"

League Ads

League ads

Free Agents

Players available

Eric Lucio
626 274-6254

Louie Ulloa
562 479-2214
If, OF

Johnny Medina
626 956-7437
P, If
aab, aa, ab, a

Moises Hernandez
626 234-4851
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

James Arevalo
626 260-6816
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

Gonzalo Magana
323 240-9276
infielder, outfield
ab, a

Jair Yanez
infielder, outfielder, and catcher

Josh Luna
infielder, outfield
aab, aa, ab, a

Antonio Bedolla
626 347 2144
infielder, outfield
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

Players that find new teams or are no longer interested in playing in our league, please email me to remove you from our list.

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2nd half fees

Seasons halfway point

Just a reminder that any team that still has a balance needs to pay it at the next league meeting or no games will be scheduled until its paid.

What I see

Halfway point what I see

In the TOP division The Dorados again look to be the favorite in this division. The Huertas look pretty good.
  In the AAA division LP Titans look like they got a team to compete. The Dawgs look like they have reloaded but outside of that the rest of the division looks weak.
  In the AAB division Again this division has 3 good teams (Dodgers, Oak Athletics, & Tequileros) and the rest are struggling.
  In the AA division the Bombers, Dukes, and BP Titans are struggling but one will have to make the playoffs.
  In the A division This division will come down to the last week. There are at least 3 teams that can win the division. Only the Wolfpack and Blue Jays are already out of the playoff race.
  In the B division This division is marred with tie games. These tie games will go a long way find the division winner. This division will only face each other during the playoffs so these games will be very interesting.

League Leaders

Thru game 7

Wood Divisions

1. Dorados 55
2. Oakland Athletics 53
3. Diamond Dawgs 50
4. Dodgers 47
5. LP Titans 47

1. Dorados 18
2. LP Titans 19
3. Dodgers 20
3. Durham Bulls 20
5. Oakland Athletics 21

Aluminum Divisions

1. Calif Reds 83
2. Modelos 74
3. Sea Dogs 68
4. San Lorenzo 65
5. Costenos 64

1. LP Crooks 24
2. Calif Reds 26
3. Blue Crew 31
4. Modelos 33
5. Mudhens 36

News and Events

September 15, 2014

Next League meeting

September 17, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


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