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What the heck. . . .

   It sucked that it rained this weekend for alot of reasons. I know we need the water but we really needed to play our championship games. I mean it was raining like heck where I live. So now we have to move our championship games to Super Bowl weekend. I know I have heard people some people say they would prefer not to play on Super Bowl Sunday. While others say that this is a baseball league and a football game should not interfere with our games. Either way, its a tough situation. I just wonder if any teams are gonna have problems getting players to show up. Would a team forfiet the championship after winning the first game to watch the Super Bowl??? Makes for some possible strange outcomes.


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League Leaders


Wood Divisions

1. Braves100
2. Gators97
3. Durham Bulls84
4. Isotopes81
5. LP Titans79

1. Durham Bulls33
2. Huertas39
3. Gators43
4. Phantoms44
5. LP Titans61

Aluminum Divisions

1. Cardinals156
2. Tecuala139
3. Sea Dogs138
4. Tea Dogs133
5. Biscuits127

1. Taconazo48
2. Cardenales49
3. Blue Crew58
4. Tequileros72
5. Tea Dogs80

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Picking the Favorites

Roberts predications

In the TOP bracket, I think the Bulls will defeat the Huertas. Most likely winning 2 out of 3 games.
UPDATE: Well the Huertas took the first game and now are just one game away from defending their title. Not looking good on my predication.

In the Middle bracket, I see the BP Mariners making it to the finals. They will face the LP Titans. I really was torn with this pick. I think the Isotopes will be a force to be reckon with.
UPDATE: So far so good. I am starting to think maybe the Isotopes are gonna make the finals. :(. The BP Mariners are on track to make the finals.

In the Bottom bracket, I think the T-Dogs will make a run at the big trophy. I think they will face Tecuala.
UPDATE: Well so much for that. The T-Dogs were eliminated by the Mudhens. So I think this clears the way for the Sea Dogs to make the finals against Tecuala.

In the Lowest bracket, I think the Cardenales have been one of the most dominant team this season. I expect them to face Taconazo in the finals.
UPDATE: Well at least I got this one right. I expect the Cardenales to take it all.

Need 2 wins

Two Playoff game per day

Its official. Teams will need to win two games Sunday to win the Championship. Of course if it rains it won't matter. Teams will need to win two games to win it all. Of course in the TOP bracket there will only be a second game if the Durham Bulls can somehow beat the Huertas to force a game two. In the Lowest bracket, there is only one game left to determine the Champion.

Next Season

Spring 2016 Season

At the last league meeting, Eddie said that because of the field issues that we have been having he would not be able to carry no more than 30 teams next season. So the first 30 teams to pay will be accepted. I wonder how many divisions and how many wood only????

News and Events

February 1, 2016

Next League meeting

February 10, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


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