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   I think as I get older time seems to move alot faster. Would you believe this season is coming to an end real soon. We are already starting the TOP bracket playoffs.
 We have some interesting questions still left to be decided. Who will be the new champions in the TOP division now that the Dorados are out. Who will win the AAB division either the Isotopes or Tigers. The Sea Dogs are still undefeated. Can they finish the season perfect? The B division will play against each other in the playoffs. The LA Dodgers and Bulldogs have battle all season and I expect them to face each other in the finals.


"Our team was so bad, if anyone on that team got a hit, he used to stop at first base and ask for directions. "


League Leaders

Thru 12 games

Wood Divisions

1. Phillies 111
2. Isotopes 101
3. Tigers 99
4. D-Jaxxs 92
5. Oakland Athletics 89

1. Isotopes 32
2. Oakland Athletics 38
3. Durham Bulls 41
4. Huertas 44
5. Nationals 47

Aluminum Divisions

1. Bulldogs 130
2. Sea Dogs 126
2. Majadas 126
4. Avengers 123
4. LA Dodgers 123
4. LA Dukes 123

1. Sea Dogs 50
2. LA Dodgers 70
3. Avengers 71
4. So Cal Cyclones 67
5. Bulldogs 76


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TOP Bracket


The TOP Bracket playoffs are set to start this weekend. This is what I got.

#1 Oakland Athletics (9-2-1)
#4 Phantoms (5-7)
The A's swept the division series 2-0. I fully expect the A's to move onto the next round.

#2 Durham Bulls (8-2-2)
#4 Huertas (8-3-1)
The Huertas have had the Bulls number all season. The Huertas defeated the Bulls 2 out of 3 games. The only game they didn't win was a extra inning affair the ended in a 6-6 tie. I think the Bulls will dig deep into their past and somehow figure out how to get past the tough Huertas.

Division Races

2 games left

In the AAA division the Phillies need one more win to take the division title. The Cachorros, Mariners, and Diamond Dawgs are set to make the playoffs.
In the AAB division the Isotopes and Tigers are set to make the playoffs. The Nationals and D-Jaxxs each need to win one more game or have the LP Titans lose one game to cinch their playoff spots.
  In the AA division the Gators have cinched the division title and the #1 seed. The Avengers and Majadas still need another win before they can secure a playff spot. The LA Dukes need to sweep their last two games and get some help to have a chance. The Tequileros have to win to make the playoffs.
  In the A division the Sea Dogs are set to make the playoffs and keep their perfect record alive. San Lorenzo and the Blue Crew need another victory to cinch a playoff spot. The Costenos are in the worst position. They need to sweep their last two games and get some help. The Tea Dogs can't let up or they will be left out.
In the B division the Bulldogs and Dodgers are in a close battle for the division title but are both set for the playoffs. The So Cal Cyclones are one win away from cinching a playoff spot. The next loss for the Cerveseros will probably eliminate them. The Aces can help them by winning their last two games.

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