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   Dang that was interesting. During the playoffs we always have surprises. Huertas lost both games versus the Oakland Athletics, so what happens? They beat them in 14 innings in game of the playoffs. Last season the 6-8 BP Mariners surprised everyone by taking the championship. This season they "improved" to 7-7. So what do they do? They make it back to the championship game by defeated the #1 seeded Phillies 7-0.
  The So Cal Cyclones defeated the LA Dodgers in somewhat of a surprise. I thought the Dodgers had the best chance of upsetting the Bulldogs but now this job falls to the Cyclones.


"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
"James Dean"

League Leaders


Wood Divisions

1. Phillies 118
2. Isotopes 113
3. Tigers 104
4. D-Jaxxs 103
5. Diamond Dawgs 93

1. Isotopes 49
2. Nationals 52
3. Cachorros 56
4. Tigers 59
5. Phillies 69

Aluminum Divisions

1. Sea Dogs 147
2. Bulldogs 144
3. LA Dukes 142
4. Majadas 141
5. LA Dodgers 137
5. Tequileros 137

1. Sea Dogs 60
2. LA Dodgers 77
3. Gators 81
4. So Cal Cyclones 82
5. Bulldogs 83


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TOP Bracket

Playoff UPDATE

The #3 seeded Huertas defeated the #1 Oakland Athletics 6-5 in 14 innings. Yes I said 14 innings. They now lead the series 1-0 and can take home the title with a victory on Sunday.

Power Rankings

Where are they now

Wood Divisions

1. Isotopes.878
2. Phillies.794
3. Tigers.767
4. Nationals.663
5. D-Jaxxs.604

Aluminum Divisions

1. Sea Dogs.999
2. Bulldogs.882
3. LA Dodgers.845
4. Gators.785
5. Avengers.728

In the Wood brackets the #5 seeded D-Jaxxs will face the #7 seeded BP Mariners. I guess the season long rankings didn't really matter in this bracket.

In the Aluminum brackets the #1 Sea Dogs were eliminated in the 1st round. The #2 ranked Bulldogs and #4 ranked Gators are in the finals.

My Picks

What I see in the crystal balls

In the TOP Bracket I have to believe that the A's have shown all season long that they were the best team in the top division and I don't think I'm ready to think otherwise.
A's in 3
UPDATE:The Huertas are trying to break my bracket but I still am holding on to the A's to take it all.

In the Middle Bracket the Phillies have the best wood offense in the league. I think they will face the Cachorros in the finals. While I think the Isotopes could surprise some teams this is what I got.
Suprise team: BP Mariners
UPDATE:The Cachorros were the biggest surprise of the 1st round. They forfeit because of fees. The Braves replaced them. The #1 seeded Phillies made it past the 1st round but were taken down in the 2nd round by the playoff tough Mariners. The surprise team here has to be the D-Jaxxs. Where did these guys come from?

In the Bottom Bracket the Gators are the #1 seed. The Tigers are ranked #5. This is my surprise pick for the finals.
Suprise team: Majadas
UPDATE:Well I was wrong with the Tigers since they were in another bracket but I did get the surprise and favorite team.

In the Lowest Bracket I think the Bulldogs should not have been placed in this division but regardless they are definitely the best team in this bracket and should win it all.
Suprise team: LA Dodgers
UPDATE:The LA Dodgers weren't able to get past the surprising So Cal Cyclones team. They now move on to face the heavily favorite Bulldogs.


Playoff scores

14Philliesvs Nationals12
6Isotopesvs BP Mariners11
7BP Marinersvs Phillies0
5Gatorsvs Blue Crew2
5Oakland Athleticsvs Huertas6
10Tequilerosvs Sea Dogs9
2Tequilerosvs Gators4
25Majadasvs San Lorenzo9
6D-Jaxxsvs Diamond Dawgs4
2D-Jaxxsvs Tigers0
7Tigersvs Braves3
10Bulldogsvs Aces4
7LA Dodgersvs SC Cyclones8
14Avengersvs Tea Dogs12
11Avengersvs Majadas15

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