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What the heck .....

   I just plain forgot about the meeting last night. I thought it was funny but I had just mentioned that I thought that Eddie would make some changes regarding the league fees but that I hadn't really seen anything different. Well I guess something happened at the league meeting because Eddie has asked me to make sure and post that he is only posting game 7. Teams that owe have to call and make arrangement to pay to get game 8. So like I had said before, if your team owes money, then you need to call Eddie to get game 8.


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League Leaders

After 6 games

Wood Divisions

1. Huertas 58
2. Phillies 57
3. Calif Lookouts 53
4. SGV Mets 47
5. Dorados 43

1. Phantoms 11
2. Phillies 17
3. Dorados 18
4. Huertas 20
5. Twins 23

Aluminum Divisions

1. Potrillos 73
2. Tarasco 67
2. Diamondheads 67
4. Dodgers 59
5. Calif Reds 58

1. Diamondbacks 19
2. Wolfpack 27
3. Dodgers 29
4. LP Cyclones 30
5. Toronto Blue Jays 31

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All Star game

Worth the effort?

As I had mention in last week's posting, we are coming up on Memorial weekend's traditional All Star game. I know most use this weekend to go out of town but some stay home and would like to play some ball. The problem is that its alot of work on me to reserve a field and secure umpiring. Then the most difficult part is to try to secure enough players to make sure the game gets off the ground. I don't mind even though its a hassle with some players that say will show up but then end up not showing up. The thing is sometimes I wonder if its worth my time. Eddie doesn't really seem to care about this game so I wonder should I? I will try to set this game up but I'm just not really feeling it right now.

All Star Game

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend is coming in a few weeks and its that time of the year for our annual All Star game. I know Memorial weekend is one of most popular getaway weekends but for those of us that don't have any where to go we have an All Star game. We traditionally play against my league but there is some rumbling that why don't we play an All Star game within our league. What do you think?

Who should we play against in the All Star game?

News and Events

April 23, 2014

Next League meeting

April 23, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


April 27, 2014 Game 7

Need league baseballs?

If you need to buy league baseballs, you can buy them at Workman High School. The cost is $6 per baseball or $65 per dz.


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