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What the heck .....

   The TOP bracket playoffs have begun. This season its gonna be a little be different in the sense that the 1st round will be a single game elimination. The Huertas were set to face the ANC Baseball team but from what I hear there was some money issues with the team and they were not allowed to play. The Storm jumped in but came up short against the Huertas. The Dorados defeated the Phantoms to advance to the Championship game again!!!!. I usually get reports of the games you know one team led by some many and any interesting things about the games but this season no one said anything.
  Just a reminder that we will not play Easter Sunday. So that means that the rest of the playoffs will have a week bye before the playoffs start on April 12.


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League Leaders

Thru 13 games

Aluminum Divisions

Top Offenses

1. San Lorenzo 156
2. Plebada 146
3. Nationals 133
4. LA Dodgers 132
5. LP Crooks 128

Top Defenses

1. Tequileros 56
2. LP Crooks 62
3. Tigers 72
4. LA Bay Bombers 73
4. San Lorenzo 73

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Make the call

Do you know the answer?

I received an email asking about a MLB rule. I found the question interesting and was wondering what you guys think.

  Does a runner need to retouch the base he’s currently occupying after every foul ball that’s not caught?

This is what I came up with.

MLB rule
5.09 (e) A foul ball is not caught; runners return. The umpire shall not put the ball in play until all runners have retouched their bases.

It has always been my understanding that after a foul ball, all runners need to return to the vicinity of their originating base. Once the pitcher gets set on the mound and the umpire calls play ball, any runner is subject to be picked off. The thing is that I think an umpire should wait until all runners have returned before calling play ball. So in theory this should never happen.

Playoff Races

1 games left

In the AAA division, the Oakland Athletics have cinched the division title and the #1 seed a while ago. The Phillies, BP Mariners, and Dodgers have also secured playoff spots. So all 4 playoff spots are set.
  In the AAB division, the Braves are the division Champions and are just waiting for the playoffs to start. The LP Cyclones and LP Titans are also set for the playoffs. I think the Mudhens have secured the last playoff spot but I'm not 100% sure.
  In the AA division, the Nationals are the division champions. The winner of the Tigers/Isotopes will secure a playoff spot. The loser will have to see the outcome of the Avengers vs. BP Indians game. If the Avengers can defeat the BP Indians I think that should secure a playoff spot. The LA Bay Bombers can crash the playoff party with their doubleheader this weekend. They need to at least 1 game to even have a chance.
  In the A division, the Tequileros can cinch the division title with a win this weekend but the LP Crooks can steal the division if the Tequileros lose and the LP Crooks can win this weekend. Regardless they are both in the playoffs. The Costenos and Sea Dogs have also cinched playoff spots.
  In the B division, San Lorenzo can take the division title with a win over the Diamondheads. Plebada will need help if they want a chance at the the division title. Plebada, LA Dodgers and Cerveseros have secured playoff spots.

News and Events

March 22, 2015

Next League meeting

April 8, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


March 29, 2015   Game 14


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