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What the heck. . . .

   So whats up with the Heredia League? Was it something I said? I don't know why but for a while now every time I want to set something up there is absolutely to interest. When I tried to setup our yearly All Star game, again no interest. Now the Turkey bowl and guess what? Nothing, nada, zippo. So whats up?
  I find it hard to believe that there are no players interested in playing Thanksgiving Weekend. Or is the lure of Turkey so great that players forget about baseball this weekend?
  Then to top it off the Holidays are right around corner. So there goes some baseball for at least 2 weeks. Then we probably got some rain heading our way pretty soon so who knows how many games we will lose then.
  But I am getting off tropic. So whats up Heredia League? Just curious because if the league has lost interest I will just stop setting these things up because you know that if I don't setup these things up Eddie never would.


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"Derek Jeter"

League Leaders

Thru 11 games

Wood Divisions

1. Braves87
2. Durham Bulls79
3. LP Titans66
4. Gators62
4. Isotopes62

1. Durham Bulls27
2. Phantoms35
2. Gators35
2. Huertas35
5. LP Titans37

Aluminum Divisions

1. Cardinals123
2. Sea Dogs115
3. Tecuala107
3. BP Titans107
5. T-Dogs101

1. Taconazo38
2. Cardenales46
3. Tequileros48
4. Blue Crew52
5. Biscuits57


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Playoff Races

3 games left Aluminum divisions

In the AA division the Sea Dogs and Tequileros need to win at least 1 more game to secure playoff spots. Tecuala, BP Titans, and Mudhens will have to win at least 2 more games because San Lorenzo and Calif Reds can easily steal a playoff spot.

In the A division the last playoff spot is really the only one up for grabs. I think the top 3 teams are all but assured of making the playoffs with thier next win. So this leaves the Blue Crew and Bulldogs trying to steal the last playoff spot. Currently the Bull Dogs hold the season series lead 1-0 but they will have to play again soon so the winner of that game will get a big advantage.

In the B division the Cardenales and Taconazo are pretty much set to make the playoffs. The Diamondheads, Aguilas, and Patriot Express will have to determine who gets the last 2 playoff spots. The Diamondheads hold a 18 run differential advantage. I would think this will go a long way to help them make the playoffs if 3 teams end up in a tie.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great turkey weekend

Since we all know that we do not have any games this weekend. I just wanted to wish everyone a safe happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Dead Turkey Bowl

Tournament Cancelled

I didn't get any interest in the Heredia Turkey tournament so I guess thats the end of that. I currently have 10 teams in my league and would like to add 2 more if any teams decide to join my Aztec League tournament.
 The cost would be $200. The cost would cover the baseballs, field, and Umpire fees for a minimum of two games.

Who is HOT!!!

WInning Streaks

1. The Durham Bulls are the hottest team right now. They have won the last 8 games in a row.

2. The Sea Dogs are on a 5 game winning streak.

3. The Oakland Athletics are on a modest 4 game winning streak.

News and Events

November 23, 2015

Next League meeting

December 9, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


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If you need to buy league baseballs, you can buy them at Workman High School. The cost is $6 per baseball or $65 per dz.

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