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   That is some kind of weather we are having. It was raining so hard at my house. We had to cancel all the games in the Aztec Baseball League but from what I understand we only lost one game in the Heredia League. We are suppose to have over 100 degree weather next weekend.
 This weekend the TOP division and AAA division will start interdivisional play. The games count towards the standings.
 Just a reminder, as of last weekend league IDs can be asked for. Please make sure to have your league IDs in order to avoid problems.


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League Leaders

Thru 4 games

Wood Divisions

1. Isotopes35
2. Braves29
2. Diamond Dawgs29
4. Nationals28
4. LP Titans 28

1. Phantoms10
2. Gators11
3. Durham Bulls12
4. LP Titans13
5. Huertas16

Aluminum Divisions

1. Cardinals45
2. San Lorenzo43
3. BP Indians42
4. Biscuits41
5. Blue Crew39

1. Blue Crew12
2. Cardinals17
2. Biscuits17
4. San Lorenzo18
4. T-Dogs18


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New Division play


As I have been posting for the last week or so, this week the TOP division will play against the AAA division. All games count towards the standings.
 In the past the TOP division would only play 12 regular season games but not this season. This season the TOP division teams will play 14 regular season games. Only the TOP two teams from the TOP division will make the playoffs.
 In the AAA division, the top 4 teams will make the playoffs. The playoffs will continue as always with the AAA division facing the AAB division in the playoffs.

Did you know?

Last seasons playoff teams

Last season after 4 games, I counted 8 teams that were in first place. Out of those teams that were in 1st place after 4 games all 8 teams went on to make the playoffs. Two went on to be #1 seeds.
  On the other side, we had the 0-4 Phantoms make the playoffs. The Braves and Blue Crew started the season 1-3 and made the playoffs. Some 9 teams started the season 2-2 and they went on to make the playoffs.
 The previous season a couple of teams made the playoffs with 1-3 records. So teams that have struggled to start this season still have a chance to make the playoffs.

News and Events

October 5, 2015

Next League meeting

October 7, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


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If you need to buy league baseballs, you can buy them at Workman High School. The cost is $6 per baseball or $65 per dz.

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