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   The weather looks like its gonna cooperate with us at least for a week. We then go into our Holiday break for two weeks. I would expect we start again on January 4 but once I'm sure I will post game 3 schedules.
  As I was looking at the divisions especially for the TOP division, I was wondering if again we will see the Dorados play out the season then dominate the playoffs. I wonder if the Dorados were not in the picture would more teams be willing to play in the TOP division. As of right now we only have 6 teams in the TOP division and that's only because Eddie farmed out a "new" team from another league. I know its not fair to the Dorados that teams are reluctant to move up to the top division but I'm almost afraid that we might eventually end up with a 4 team TOP division.


"Never under-estimate the opponent that appears weaker than you, and never fear the opponent that appears stronger than you."


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Free Agents

Available Players

Chris Mejia
626 385-7611
P, Inf
aa, ab, a

Dave Dominguez
If, OF
626 217-4652
A, B

Jose Cebreros
562 314-8516
aa, ab, a

Melvin Alvarado
818 915-9286
aab, aa, ab, a

Javier Sanchez
909 728-9308
top, aaa, aab, aa, ab, a

Jonathan Dominguez


What do you think?

I am a fan of the 10th hitter rule. Other leagues use it but for whatever reason our league has refused to use it. This is the latest poll that seems to indicate teams are at least willing to try it. Remember this is not something that everyone has to use. This just allows another player an opportunity to play. Actually I think this is a disadvantage because it takes at bats away from your top 3 batters.

New League

The ANC Baseball League

I was looking at the schedule for the TOP division and I see a "team" called ANC baseball. I asked Eddie about this team. He says it a league that will play against the TOP bracket. I'm not sure how good this league is. I went to their website and found that they only have 2 divisions. These are the teams. Only the A division will play against the Heredia TOP division.

News and Events

December 17, 2014

Next League meeting

January 7, 2015 @ 7:00 p.m.

Esther Snyder Community Center
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
(626) 813-5245


December 21, 2014   Game 2


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