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What the heck. . . .

   I wanted to get some ideas as to what has happend to our league. I was happy with the posts. I understand one of the common complaints is that Eddie is not around much. He doesn't do texts or emails. While I agree that if he did that would be a positive thing in helping him run the league but let's face it. He's never been that kind of league president. So I don't think that this is a major issue.
  I notice a few complaints about the cost of playing in the league. At first, it looks like the league fees are in line with most leagues. I think were players get upset is the constant nit picking fees. Like Baseballs fees, ID fees, and playoff fees. I get it. I'm not a big fan of additional fees. I like a one time fee and I think Eddie needs to think about changing the fee structure. I know people always talk about Eddie being old school like its a bad thing but I don't agree. I think of myself just as much old school as Eddie but one thing is that we have to constantly adjust. Texting, emails, and the Internet are now the way of the world and our league has to take advantage of the current technology.
  I know that I have kind of taken a step back from the league because of my own issues with this league but I still would like to see Eddie turn this league around and bring it back to where it was for many years as the best league around.

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Wood Divisions

1. Phantoms66
2. Avengers58
3. Diamond Dawgs57
4. Durham Bulls53
4. Sea Dogs53

1. Diamond Dawgs33
1. Durham Bulls33
3. Gators35
4. Warriors38
5. Braves39
5. Sea Dogs39
5. Nationals39

Aluminum Divisions

1. Tarasco102
2. BP Indians64
3. Biscuits61
3. LA Dukes61
5. Diamondheads55

1. Tarasco24
2. Biscuits28
3. Mudhens37
4. Tecuala39
5. Team USA43

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Memorial Weekend

What are we doing?


Memorial Weekend is not that far away. We would normally start preparing for our All Star game but interest has seem to have been lost. Last year I had to cancel because of the lack of interest. I always thought playing memorial weekend was something fun to do. I know alot of players are committed to going to play in tournaments and others go out of town to take advantage of the long weekend but I don't think everyone is going out of town. So I am looking for some ideas. I know Eddie has never been very interested in the All Star game because he is more involved with the Heredia League games in Mexico. So what do you guys think? Do we do something? Or do we just let the All Star game die a peaceful death?

Mother's Day

No games Mother's day

In order to help keep the peace, we will again have NO GAMES MOTHER'S DAY.

Poll results

Has Eddie done a good job?

I posted this poll because I see this league having issues. Are they self inflicted or just a sign of the teams? I know these kind of polls can at times be a opportunity for some to just cuss people out. I was very pleased with the results. Here are some of the responses.

Posted by Izzy April 24, 2016 at 11:32 am.
Robert, how is this league going to change?? Unless management/ownership changes nothing is going to get done. I get it. Some money has to be made but the fees are ridiculously high. And the Nickle and Diming teams doesn't make it better. The league fee, the ball fee, the ID fee, the playoff fee, the protest fee... Come on. Lol.

Posted by Fonz April 22, 2016 at 6:29 am.
Yep, I've priced them myself. Balls are $30 for a dozen on I can order them today and have them on my door step next day. That's convenience. If it was for the love of the game, it would be like charity. He would operate like a non-profit and can you honestly say he doesn't make any money??? Well like any business, owners can run them into the ground. People have options. Your going to see more teams leave. I remember 80 teams a season. Most teams leave because of the league fee's and because they do not agree with how things are. I guess at the end of the day people have options. And like any consumer they can change where they do business.. I just wouldn't compare this league to Starbucks. This is more like paying $20 for coffee at a gas station.. Just my two cents.

Posted by Old Dog April 20, 2016 at 2:50 pm.
Eddie is in the same position as an umpire. In everyone's opinion he can do no right. If he's in it for the money then it's bad business. If it's for love of the game than pass on the love to those who support this league. I'm sure running the league and dealing with all the BS sucks. If it was easy everybody would have their own league. I agree the balls are expensive but have you priced them for yourself. The way I see it your paying for the convenience. Do you also complain when paying 5 bucks for Starbucks? Last comment. Would you rather not have a league to complain about?

Posted by Fonz April 19, 2016 at 7:29 am.
Eddie has done a horrible job. I've had several teams here through the years and he runs this league "old school" and like a dictatorship. The league fees are outlandish, charging $65 for a case of balls, $20 for playoffs, allowing ringers in playoffs, shows bias towards his fav teams.. Time for a change.

Posted by ACE April 18, 2016 at 6:56 pm.
Looking at the aztec website and the amount of teams that league has and the league fee is much less! 5 years ago we had about the same amount and no teams want to stay in the league but the cost is getting ridiculous, he loses a field let's raise the fee we are getting port o potties in every field raising fees any reason to raise it up. How you like that whining Rob? P.S. time to buy this league Rob you sure are doing something right? ACE out!

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